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Default Daisy punana - ZooSex Fiction, Bestiality, Body modification

Daisy punana - ZooSex Fiction, Bestiality, Body modification
Bondage and restriction, Extreme, Humiliation, Lactation, Sado-Masochism, Slavery

punana writes to you about her own fantasy
WARNING: this story contains pain and bestiality which are not everyone's thing. It also contains very harsh treatment of a pain slut, so read at your own risk. If you don't like that kind of thing, please don't read it then post "wow, this is sick!" I'm warning you in advance.
NOTE: Due to too many storylines going on at the same time, I am going to split the "daisy" story off from the "punana" story.

Here's the map:

Daisy modified (no chapter mark) is all punana
Daisy modified ch 2: is all punana
Daisy modified ch 3: introduces RL Daisy and includes a few scenes with punana
Daisy modified ch 4: picks up RL Daisy's story and gives a last glimpse of punana

then they split:

Daisy modified ch 5 and forward will feature RL Daisy only

Daisy/punana ch 5 and forward will continue the punana story line.

Thanks for your votes, ratings, and email. Enjoy the story.

To the readers: One more thing you should know before you read this chapter is that it was written by none other than punana herself. The woman who inspired the stories has been masturbating to them quite regularly while going about her normal, everyday life. I hope that you think about that while reading these stories and that it turns you on, knowing she's really out there, playing with herself while she reads about her alter-ego, punana.

To punana: I hope that my exposing you to the world like this makes you feel even more naked and exposed, more completely a slave to your obsessions, more completely our toy, more thoroughly humiliated, more completely owned by my words.

To all: Enjoy

When punana regained consciousness, it was strapped to a frame bent at the hips; its legs upright but spread wide, its body parallel to the floor with its huge tits hanging down from its chest like cows udders. its head was pulled back by fine chain running down from the ceiling to a large ring which pierced its septum.

Unable to move its head more than an inch or so from side to side, punana looked around as best it could. it was in a small, grey concrete featureless room but with a large window opposite where punana could see people outside, going about their normal business.

punana's feet where on uneven levels and it found that they were strapped to pedals which rotated with some resistance when it pushed against them. As it became more aware, it realised the there were suction cups attached to each of its fat nipples and that there was an intravenous line in its left arm and a tight clamps on its clit.

punana began to shout and scream, trying to attract someone's attention, but the people it could see outside the window completely ignored it.
"They can't hear you," came a man's voice from somewhere behind punana. "The window is triple glazed and is made of mirrored glass so you can see out but no-one can see in," continued the man as he walked round to stand in front of punana.

"Welcome to your new life," continued the man with a cold smile on his face. "you have been sold and this is your new existence. Let me explain a few things, but won't worry if you don't take it all in; you'll have plenty of time to pick it up," he laughed. "you will be a multi purpose slave, those big titties of yours will be milked three times a day; maybe you've noticed the suction cups on your nipples. you may also have found the pedals under your feet. you will pedal when told to and you will not stop until told. If you do stop or slow down, this happens."

The man clicked his fingers and an excruciating jolt of electricity shot through punana's body from the clamp on its clit. it screamed in abject agony.

"If you don't want to feel that, you keep pedalling! Oh, by the way, it will generate the electricity to power the milking machine. and to shock your fat clit. All very green," he continued with a laugh. "There's an intravenous line in your arm that will keep you hydrated and nourished, so we won't have to waste time feeding you. And the fluid is dosed with hormones to make those udders produce milk."

The man moved closer and patted punana on its head, like it was a pet animal.

"Men will visit you to fuck your mouth and ass; no-one will want to use your big fat cunt. That's reserved for horses which will be brought in to mount you so that their semen can be collected for breeding purposes. Oh, and women will use your mouth as well. Now, start pedalling!"

And he left the room leaving it to its labour.

punana worked for what seemed like an eternity but was, in fact, four hours before a voice came over a speaker, "Rest." its muscles were burning in agony and sweat poured from its pores but it dared not stop until told, fearing another jolt of electricity. The rest period was cruelly short, just 15 minutes, before the voice came over the speaker, "Start pedalling!" and punana forced its aching muscles into action again.

Part way through this work session, the milking machine kicked in; sucking painfully on punana's udders - dry as the hormones had not yet had any affect. The pain in its udders and legs brought tears to punana's eyes.

This was now the pattern of punana's life; work, brief rest, more work, milking, and so on. It was the worst kind of torture for punana; an endless living hell. The only respite came when it was used sexually; it was allowed to stop pedalling at these times. Men would enter the room; fuck it in the mouth or in the ass and leave, usually without saying a word. Some days there could be as many as twelve men use it, on other days there would be none. Women would pull up a high chair and sit with their legs spread for punana to lick and suck their pussies.

Occasionally, punana would hear the door open and with a loud clopping sound, a horse would be led in and allowed to mount punana , fucking its slack cunt. When the horse had come and had pulled out, the horse cum gushed from punana's cunt to be caught in a jar and used for artificial insemination.

Day after day, week after week and month after month, punana laboured, produced milk and was fucked. All the time it stared out at the world outside, knowing that it was condemned to this torture for the rest of its miserable life. So many times it wondered how an intelligent woman as it had been in its previous life had allowed itself to become a thing, worse than an animal; a nothing!

punana longed for Master to come and take it away from this terrible existence; even Tiffany and the Doctor where preferable to this. But Master never came.

it cried!

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