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Default No Time Like the Present - A Pokemon Fanfic - ZooSex Fiction, Bestiality, Female solo, Male/Female

No Time Like the Present - A Pokemon Fanfic - ZooSex Fiction, Bestiality, Female solo, Male/Female

Chapter 1 and Chapter 2
Author's note:

ZooSex Fiction - Noun - 1. The class of literature the class of literature comprising works of imaginative narration, especially in prose form. 2. works of this class, as novels or short stories: detective ZooSex Fiction. 3. something feigned, invented, or imagined; a made-up story: We've all heard the ZooSex Fiction of her being in delicate health. 4. the act of feigning, inventing, or imagining. 5. an imaginary thing or event, postulated for the purposes of argument or explanation. 6. Law. an allegation that a fact exists that is known not to exist, made by authority of law to bring a case within the operation of a rule of law.

All of my works are works of ZooSex Fiction.

Meaning they are made up.

The characters, though sometimes loosely based on a real person, are ZooSex Fictional.

Why did I find the need to change my introductory note? Because people seem to not know what ZooSex Fiction is.

Disclaimer: The following story is a work of ZooSex Fiction. It in no way reflects actual events that I have seen or been in anyway a part of. The people within, though may have been based on actual persons, are in no way real. The story is made up, it's fake, and any confusion with real life events means you should go get your head examined.
Warning: This chapter may include topics that people are uneasy with such as but not limited to: Beastiality, Incest, Rape, Forced Sex, Sex with a virgin, Sex with a person in a status where they do not have normal cognitive abilities, or sex with objects. If you do not like to read such stories, please click away and read something else. If it is illegal for you to view such stories, please click away and read something else, as I cannot be held liable for something you read.

The purpose of this or any of my other stories is entertainment.

Thank you


Chapter 1 - Around the Campfire

It was easy enough to tell that the two of them were together. They were in separable. They went everywhere together. And that was normal life for them. It had been that way for over a year now.

This takes place one cool summer evening out in some random forest near Cerulean City.

He sat on one side of the fire, with her opposite. They had been intimate before, but they just sat there, without words, eating their dinners. As they finished, their eyes met through the fire, and she slowly got up and walked over to him. She hopped on his lap with neither one saying a word, and he slowly and softly pressed his lips to hers, only for her tongue to shoot into his mouth and begin exploring it. His hand traced down her stomach to her sex, where he could feel the heat and wetness without probing it with his finger. He reached down and pulled out his quickly hardening cock and took a deep breath as he rubbed it against her sex. She was ready and wanted it, and he could tell from only the look in her eyes. They had never been all the way before today, and it seemed like she was no longer willing to wait. They kissed passionately again as he slowly slipped the tip of his head inside her waiting sex. She broke the kiss and looked down at their joining as he slowly continued slipping his cock inside her, taking her virginity and being her first. She looked into his eyes as if to say that she felt good, as she began to bounce on his cock, happily, his hands on her hips, guiding the rhythm. He couldn't believe how good it felt to be inside her like this, and as she picked up the pace a little, he could feel himself getting close. It was only a few moments more before he thrust hard into her, his seed spasming from the head of his prick, filling her womb. He sat there with her still on top of him, panting. He looked down at her.

"Wow, Vi, that was amazing." He said as he looked his lover in the eyes.

"Vee." the Eevee on his lap said, content with the love that they had just made.

The Eevee who was on his cock, enjoying its girth though they had only been given to him a year ago. She had been given to the young man by Professor Oak, even though he wasn't as young as ten, and she enjoyed being with him. She had gone into heat only a week earlier, and had forced him into exploring her body so that she could feel relief, as there were no other Eevees in the area that she could breed with, though she doubted that he would force her into breeding like that. They shared a connection, different from Pokemon and Trainer. They had a friendship, and she had pushed him into taking it to the next level. He enjoyed her doing it to, as she had woken him up one night, while giving him head, though he had protested at first, after he came in her mouth, she knew she had gotten him to want it more.

She wished, at times, that he were an Eevee too, only so that he could finally quench her heat, and knock her up, and it felt like it was going to last forever at this rate. Thankfully, it would only last a few more days, before it would die back down for a while.

The second time they had been together, she had initiated it again, but it ended with him eating her juicy pussy until she came. Though it had left her wanting more, she was content with getting off that night and slipped quietly back into her poke ball to sleep.

The time before this, he had fingered her tight little snatch until she had multiple orgasms, and she would've had him fuck her right there, but she couldn't quite stand after, and quite frankly, waiting for his prick was well worth it.

Chapter 2 - Caught!

Vi's ears perked up as she heard something nearby. Someone was moaning softly in pleasure. Whoever they were, they were trying to keep quiet, but not quiet enough for Vi to not hear it. The voice sounded female, and Vi was a bit alarmed at first to hear someone so close to the two of them.

"Vee Eevee Vee!" Vi said to her master.

He looked around in a bit of a panic, then turned to look at her again.

"Really? You hear something? Where?" He asked.

Vi pointed to the bushes to his left. He looked over towards the bushes she pointed at.

"Over there huh?" He asked as he slowly pulled his cock out of Vi's tight snatch and set her on the ground.

He stood up and walked over to the bushes. As he got close to the bushes, he could hear moaning and whispering.

"Oh god, I wish he'd take me like that. Don't stop Weedy, It feels so good." The voice moaned.

He looked over the bush, as Vi walked up behind him, to see a female about his age, completely nude, getting a vine fucking from a Bulbasaur. He could barely see her, but he could make out the shape of her body. She was thin, and had small b-cup tits. He had obviously been seen fucking Vi by the girl, that much was obvious. The Bulbasaur had it's back to him, and he could see it's plump, moist, and tight pussy just ready to be penetrated, as its owner was getting the vine fucking she needed. He walked around the bush with Vi in tow to the girl, who still hadn't noticed him.

"Weedy, I wish your vines were a cock. After seeing him fuck that Eevee, I really need one." She said.

Her eyes were closed, and he didn't need another cue. He put his cock into her mouth as she panted, causing her to instinctively grab a hold of it and suck on it. After a few seconds of sucking and pumping his cock, she opened her eyes and realized that she wasn't imagining the cock now in her mouth. She pulled the cock out of her mouth for a moment.

"Oh.. I guess you heard me after all." She said.

"Yeah." He said.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to spy, it's just when I saw you two fucking, I couldn't help myself." She said.

"It's alright. We can introduce ourselves after we finish, for now, let's just get this orgy going." He said.

She needed no other words, but closed her eyes, and took his cock back into her mouth, as Vi ran around to Weedy's exposed pussy, and began licking it.

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